Born around the early ’90s, my mum wanted to abort me. Well, we don’t blame her, the treatment she was being given was kinda harsh. But that’s ok. It nearly demoralized me but… I did overcome that feeling. God wanted me born and I was born. I am grateful for that anyway.

Attended a lot of school during my primary years, I lost count and names of the schools. I remember a few because I either enjoyed my time there or had a horrible horrible time there. Have made a lot of friends although I forgot a lot. I am sorry for that.

I am always seen as a leader wherever I go, maybe because of the kind of discipline I show and how I relate to people.

I am taggy, love all out, and put people’s feelings and thoughts first. Actually, I thought loving all out was kinda lame because of my recent encounter but, I agreed with myself that, I wouldn’t allow another person change this rare character. Of course I would be hurt, a lot, from loving that way but as Ed Sheeran would say, “It is the only thing that makes us feel alive.” And I definitely want to feel alive, not dead.

I completed Tema Secondary School and University of Ghana with Bachelor of Science in Geology. And that one wasn’t easy, well, everyone says so about their course of interest…

Now, I feel life is more than getting money and receiving stability as soon as possible. Maybe, it’s because I stay with my mum, but whatever. So I am working with an NGO, African Rights Initiative International, you might want to check us out. It’s amazing how you get to hear all this stories from the less privileged but very profound people.

I love to think, so I give wild ideas about anything you’d like to ask me. Unless I don’t have any idea about it. I love to find new legit ideas. I love to share knowledge with people, I like to listen to anything that is not particularly destructively negative. I like to stay positive because I realized being negative made me look ugly, physically. Lol, but it’s true.

I believe I was made to do a lot of things and so I don’t like to limit myself to learning just one thing. As my interest expand, I like to explore options and challenge myself to do better than I have done already and I always  surprise myself!

Well, as I keep achieving things, I’d write about it. Thanks for passing by. Do follow up! 🙂 Cheers.


1 thought on “Bio”

  1. Hello Madam,

    I’m trying really hard to recollect your name but the more I try, the more I seem to be lost. Hahaha! But the face hasn’t changed a bit.

    I remember sitting right behind whiles in school. Temasco to be precise. You were the quiet type but always beaming with smiles.

    It’s great seeing you with this lovely blog. I am a full time blogger with a couple of,,,, etc.

    I believe it’s time for you to monetize this lovely blog of yours. I promise to host you for free and get a .com for you.

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