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When a Woman Loves a Man

You might have heard about Westlife’s “When a Woman Loves a Man” and what they said is true, because no specie want to be held and heard and honored and respected and cherished and valued by that someone more than a woman but will lay her very soul down when she loves truly.

To me, it’s more than that.

To me, a woman loves a man when his strengths are more important than his weaknesses.

I must say, your boldness is beyond measure, how is it that, it gets to me too easily? Being active, attentive assertive, courteous, decent and caring seem to out of norm as men of our age like to boast in how they disrespected their wives and how that makes them “men”. Who trained you?, I keep asking.

Your bravery, discipline, elegance, genuity, calmness, confidence, business acumen, determination and brilliance is but a few reasons why I have such high confidence in you. I have no doubt that you will make it!

It’s amazing how people judged you because of your handsomeness (which is weird), because the first time I saw you, I thought you were to die for! And it’s no wonder how you are impressive, intelligent, interesting, always likeable, logical and fair and considerate… traits that are rarely found all in one piece in a man!

And oh!, you are so charming! One would be delighted to be under your spell.

I would tell you over and over again how much I love how you walk and how you handle yourself because I find it manly and masculine; and when you add that smile on your well-built body… M!

You are so pleasant and polite to your fellows even though you are so popular, haha… Need I underestimate you resilience and spontaneity (well so far as it doesn’t hurt anyone..)?

How can a man be so loving and romantic, sentimental, thoughtful, tender, warm and doing all these in the most sincerest way that has been mastered?, yet do it subtle enough to not freak both out.

Such a peaceable man who is perceptive and passionate, protective and loyal, who can find?

So to me, when a woman loves a man, she recognizes all that he is, his strengths and all that he’s not (his weaknesses), he’ll do away with.

I recognize everything. And I am glad I know them.


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