Feelings, Love, My Thoughts


I’m JEALOUS! I know I don’t have any reason to, but I am, and I don’t even know why I am, or why should be, or if I have the right to be – maybe, I do.

Why should I get jealous, maybe it was too soon to tell me about your lovely ex, whom I think should be with you. And I feel terrible because, I wasn’t the one to give you that thrill. I could do better! Now, I feel I have to live to her, but I’m not the same as her and I love different than her, so yes, I am JEALOUS.

How you won her, how she loved you so much so, that she became “mental” the first time you broke off… That’s some pretty shit over there. I still can’t get my brains around the fact that you two cannot marry. And I feel like I am with someone who is already in love with another person. Same old story, all over again!

I love all that you are, and that makes me JEALOUS of the fact that, she got to enjoy that first. Just because, I want all the juice of oh-so-sweet love and care and want that you give all to myself. It’s like, I’ve found my everlasting treasure of love and I don’t want to think that it belongs to someone else, after such a long time of digging and searching.

So, love, would you be just mine? Because I cannot deal with this whole jealousy shit.


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