Let’s Love, Love

I know it’s scary, scarier than we’d admit. You and I, we’ve been through pretty messy, ugly, unfortunate relationships.

We trusted, we loved truly, we gave in our all, we didn’t settle for less, we are love itself… But why weren’t we appreciated? Why didn’t the other person see our true true heart, our pure love, unadulterated love! Noo…. This isn’t what we signed up for, because guess what, when you love, you want same in return if not at the level, at least at a level that is catching up…

Then we got scared. Promised through the teeth to never give anyone the opportunity to see that oh-so-treasured love!

But we met each other, well, at our transition zone. Wondering whether we should even start loving the way we would feel comfortable. But we both know that we deserve each other, and we deserve to give each other that treasured love.

And then the “what ifs” set in. What if we are not able to work out? What if this relationship becomes a wreck? But these questions are meaningless because we know without a doubt that we found ourselves, and it a keep that won’t go bad.

So, love, we need to love again. Can’t you see that the love you are not willing to share for the fear of loosing yourself is strangling you no more than you knowing that I deserve that love? Can’t you feel the distress you go through because you know you are overworking yourself and that you know that you need to give out that love because you do understand that I deserve it?

Let’s love, love, it’s all ok! You are home now… You are free to love all the love in the world and not for a single day would you be a fool for expressing it.

Come on… Let’s love, love.


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