But I am so Afraid

I’ve been thrown into darkness, left to feed on my own love and maybe make light out of it. Thrown in the corner to be shamed, be the laughing stock to my enemies who earnestly look on, laughing and scorning at me. Thrown in the corner, like I am nothing.

Everyone’s against me, those I trusted doubted me and believed the enemy over me. The one I loved, made me the second one next to nothing. Yet, I gave my all. I cried while I gave my all, I bit my tongue while I gave my all, because, it was who I am. Throwing me and my blood away, like I was nothing.

Then came a rush… aahh… What should I say it is? A thirst to my hunger? Being in a cold dark place, not appreciated, not even seen, he opens the door, and it looks like he’s never seen anything so amazing! I wondered why… No one cared about me, to even think of my worth… Why do you care? And why the hell are you so handsome! This could be the one.

Oh, no Princess, someone threw you here before, you can’t just go hugging him. But,


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