Feelings, Love, My Thoughts, Warmth

There He Stands

What was it like though? *Chuckle* Gotcha. The first question flied right out of my mouth! What I meant to say was, “You are freaking handsome! Who made you? How dare you look like this when I was struggling? You should ask me out. But I would totally turn you down. First, because I am in such a shitty place right now and second, because you are awesomely handsome! Again, WHO MADE YOU?!” But instead, “Oh hey, are you new?” Haha, I am a chicken, I know.

Then finally! But how does he just say it out loud for everyone to hear?… Hey!, it’s supposed to be our little secret, well, my little secret. I guess, we both were feeling the same way? How weird. Never happened to me before, or maybe, yet again, he’s kidding, just want to play with my feelings, again.

But I would never forget our first everything. First time we met, first time we chatted, first time we kissed, first time I wrote about you, first time we made love, and maybe, I am getting ahead of myself but, I hope we be together for a very long time.

You relax me, you make me smile too much, you make me dream so many impossible things, you make me feel relevant and maybe this time, my efforts won’t be in vain. And I hope my efforts are appreciated and noticed.

It’s your birthday today! I am too excited about it, and I’m sure you even forgot about it. You are totally worth it. I am sorry I cannot be with you but I will make it up to you. Too many things are happening this week, but I will definitely make it up to you.

Happy birthday, Sunshine!


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