I Don’t Want to Get Married.

My parents’ marriage was nothing but lies. Both pretending to like each other. Both escalating issues which does not exist. Keep pushing each other to the limit.

Maybe mine would be different. If I show how much of a good woman I am, not condemning, encouraging, caring, loving, sensual, appealing, using kind words from the heart, maybe, my man would take me for who I am. I must have been tickling myself way too much.

My first, total neglect of my whole being. Second, treated me as the kid one. The rest won’t even show commitment.

Took all my highly esteemed character I bit my tongue to culture and threw it to my face to mock me. Definitely not what men marry for.

So I stand on this cold hard mountain, taking a view of what is, then whisper to myself, “Pure Dung!” Nothing good in there. Why play with the dogs who can’t see your true worth? Will you prefer being a slave? No.

I won’t stick my happiness away to please a man who isn’t worth it, or an entire species who are outright selfish in all aspects. 

I am not looking forward to marrying. Totally waste of my being.


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