True Color of Love

You were in distress. The one you loved left you, for a reason unknown. Perhaps it was your fault, perhaps it wasn’t. Whichever way, you met another.

It seemed like a haughty challenge to use her because of a work colleague of hers who was staying with you. How she is misunderstood!

Should it be called fortunate that you discovered that she was innocent? I guess it’s left to the discretion of the reader. After being semi-homeless, you gave her a place with that same work colleague.

Then you asked your ex back into your life to disgrace her. She got pregnant for you but you declared that your ex would be your only wife. What was she to do? Family members weren’t happy about this. Who would be?

You lied about your feeling making it seem like you love her but made her watch you sleep with your ex. What a pity. But why did she still have faith in you? Why did she do her best to keep you? All cries fell on deaf ears. Then you aborted the child without her knowledge, wickedness! May the principles of this Earth work!

Then you swear that she only have a choice of being a second wife. You had forgotten you are not even qualified to even propose to her in the first place.

But all she did was love you, pray for you, wishing that you see she is a better cook, and a better wife material. All she did was crave you and her heart would just wish for you. All she wanted was you although your teeth isn’t in good arrangement.

Despite you bringing your ex to sleep on the same bed with you while you sent her away to sleep in another room, even while she was pregnant for you, weekend after weekend, all she did was to respect you to the point of respecting your feelings when it was clear you were in love with your ex once again.

But Earth intervened. Your ex was cheating on you. 

Now you love and want her back? With what heart or mind? You want her to forgive you? With what heart or mind?

True colors of love was made right before your eye. You threw it to the dogs. What do you want her back for anyway?


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