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Forever Forsaken

It’s the pretty dress you wanted to wear! She wears enough.

It’s the lovely hair you planned to put on. She wears enough.

It’s the make up you envied. Well, she has it naturally.

The intelligence you swore to upgrade to? She has it intuitively.

Did you miss that target? Well, she’ll shoot the arrow to hit the bull’s eye.

The love you would forever wished you had? She’ll give it freely without expecting anything in return.

The crown you so deserve? She’ll crown you until the whole world accepts your crown.

The partner you so longed for? She’ll be whatever you want her to be!
But!, she’s forsaken. Forever.
She’s the love you’ll never love enough until she’s gone.

The beauty you’ll never adore until she’s gone.

The partner you’ll never engage enoug until she’s gone.

The kisser you’ll never kiss enough until she’s gone.

The kind heart you’ll never explore until she’s gone.

The supporter you’ll never appreciate until she’s gone.

The Queen you’ll never crown until she’s gone.

The respect you’ll receive well enough until she’s gone.

The love you’ll receive in abundance until she’s gone.

The crown she’ll give and not take back, but she’ll be gone.
Because, every single time, she’s forsaken for a mere slave who doesn’t know any better.

Many times she gave. Many times she didn’t receive, but gave over and over again.
It’s like a curse, the forever forsaken.

Beautifully adorned with whatever any human would want. 

But, she isn’t appreciated enough.

Not loved enough

Not crowned enough

Truly, how sad!

Is she going to be the forever forsaken?


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