Lied To

Why do I have to be this vulnerable? I am told to trust the process. But the process leaves me vulnerable every effing time!

As vulnerable as it can be, I got homeless but a sweetheart gave me a place to sleep, with apparent soft point for me. *Chuckles* But was it a soft side? Really?

I decided to give you a chance. Perhaps you are a good man. But then, you go back begging your ex to come back, then lying to me she wanted to come back. Your sleeves must be full now, because, goddamn it, I knew this was what it was. But, thoughtful me, maybe I am just exaggerating.

I watch you play around her. While you wished I packed out. It turned out that I truly packed out. You were thrilled but behaved like you weren’t. Traitor! Telling me you love me and stubbing my back in the dark. *Chuckle* Did you taste my blood? Was it sweet?

That’s why she didn’t really care about me. But isn’t life a bitch? She played you too. And now, you don’t deserve that? Bull crap! Now you want me back? Did you even want me in the first place? I looked cheap, didn’t I? I felt easy, didn’t I? That’s because I am a real person. I don’t like the pleasure of bottling up my feelings.

You want me back and I am unresponsive, and that is disturbing? Right, let me throw myself at fire again because I don’t listen. I don’t believe a shit you say. You are an art of lies. Do you even have a soul?

I doubt, because you justify that all that you were doing back then was right. You didn’t do anything wrong. Of course not. Because, you love her, so what you did was absolutely right. But to deny that you hurt me, frankly, is stupid and proud. So leave me alone. God is the great judge!


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