My Aries Man

A Wednesday Born, so he’s called Kwaku. To add to the flare, he’s a July-born in the Aries space. *Chuckles*

How is that you do this? That eye, the way it looks at me. Like the first time you looked into my eyes and told me you loved my eyes. I’m like, okay?… For some reason, I wanted you to look into it just like that and never stop. But why the hell will I wish for that? Because, it is way too fantasy. And we Capricorns feel too vulnerable towards this style.

Risky guy… You were aren’t supposed to date in our type of environment… But bossy you, I loved that kiss. But more can I expect from you, my Aries man? In the movies? It feels just like it! And I won’t forget that one you kissed me from behind. Oh my man! How funny, I find that manly. 

Since I am the hug-y type, I love your captivating hugs. I stupidly imagine myself in it all day, all night. So it’s kinda sad that you aren’t too touch-y. I could hug you all day.

It was all dreamy when I read your poems. Although you might have sent it all the girls you dated, it still pulled me in. Dreamy. I am skewed into thinking that this ability means you might have multiple lovers, which scared me. That is why I would like you to be real, or at least show that all this isn’t just it. Which is why I cherished what you said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be around. I’ll stick around.” Hoping it’s a positive feedback.

But will I be able to keep up with the fireworks? As Capricorn as I am, it’ll take time. Which is why I scare that you might not be engaged until the time I show my awesomeness. While you are waiting for me to show my awesomeness, I might try to sabotage our relationship because I want to feel that you will be with me, work towards the relationship. Plus, I don’t like to feel vulnerable. Will you wait for me? I promise it won’t be that long.

I am very sentimental, sensual and frisky. And I’ll aim to please, inspire and satisfy you in many areas. So my Aries man, will you please be an Aries and wait for me as I Capricorn?


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