New Thrill

He looked interesting. He was first in the room. “Hey!” I called, “Are you new?” “Yes.” He answered, “But not starting today. I just wanted to know how it feels like to work here.” “Ok, I hope you enjoy when you finally come in.” I said.

He comes in. And is a total controversy. He was a player. He particularly talks a lot on the phone with this person. So why does he claim he is a player?

Boldly he professed his intentions in front of everybody in an aggressive way. Ok… Umm… We know you are joking but don’t be this aggressive. Quite interesting how another girl actually took it serious. Kinda making subtle accusations towards me. But funny thing, I had had a dream about him.
Which was weird cause we rarely actually talked. He was aggressive as well, fiercely professing his love for me. How he’ll never leave me. 


Well until, he actually did. Well of course he has his way around women, but it’s been a while I have actually felt this way. I mean, I have had guys of his type come my way. With all the poems and all the features… but this one feels right. But at the same time a feel a bit off because, it’s going to be a lot of risk. I think I might be ready but do not know how ready.

I look at the situation, and I definitely want it. He makes me happy for no reason. His hugs are addictive. He says all the things. It’s like yes! He thrills me. It has never happened that this time, someone makes me happy for no reason, absolutely nothing.

“But what’s it gonna be?” He asks. What do you think it’s going to be?


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