What More Can I Say?

“It’s complicated, but it’s you that I love. Forget about her or what she does around me.”
“I know, he should make up his mind. It looks like everyone is doing what they like but forget that they are hurting other people.”
“I thought we discussed this, and you were OK with this. You promised to play along. Why this attitude? Why are you behaving like I didn’t inform you before hand?”
“Come on, why are you crying? Get up. Wipe your tears. Take her away from here. Make sure she is ok before she leaves here. You gotta solve this.”
“She’s coming to sleep over tonight. But  that’s not what she promised the last time. She was supposed to be here in two days rather. But she’d just stay here for a day.”
“So you mean she’s going to sleep on the same bed with you from today till then?”
“No, of course not! She’d just stay for the night”
“Why hasn’t she left?”
“O, something came up, she couldn’t leave.”
“Is that so?”
“Why are you acting like that towards me? I told you, I know she is back for a reason and I want to find out.”
“She needs to stay in your room over night for you to figure out?”
“Don’t worry. You worry too much. I said it’s you I love not her. Can’t you get that?”
“Don’t worry, today, my hands are on the table and you’re cutting it. Tomorrow would be your turn.”
“You scare me sometimes when you talk like this.”
” You are so hot! You should bath cold water.”
“No, I can’t do that”
“You are so lovely, but you need to sleep. You have work tomorrow.”
“I can’t sleep.”
“I have to go to my friend’s end tomorrow, very early then I’d come back to sleep.”
“I don’t even know where I am. But I think I saw her”
“Choose now or I’ll leave with the child, you’ll never see me again”
“I am very sorry, I chose her”
“O, you did?”
Starts to sob…
“Then leave me alone”
“I can’t leave you alone”
*He can’t even think about the baby. What sort of man is this? And he tells me he loves me… too?*

A man who claims he loves you and loves another but won’t choose you when you have his baby… What kind of man is he?


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