Feelings, Love, My Thoughts, Uncertainty

The Gray Princess

That girl with the admirable character… Yes, the princess with the ancient priceless dress.
She walked in the hazy woods with a bloody hands and tears rolling down her cheeks.
Her beauty is charming both in and out, but her heart is broken. She is a princess that no man can keep.

One man came her way, it seemed like it was planned in the stars. Everything was dreamy, until life struck. Her man was gone. It didn’t make sense because it seemed her beauty was too captivative to be real, and her love turned into seductive lust.

Then came the Adorable one. She was too beautiful to be maintained. The love garden was left untouched until it whithered. What a shame. She kept on hoping he’d water it, but it turned out to be un-useful to him.

Oh, and a Prince came. Or he behaved like a prince. Made her feel like she could touch the sky only for him to cynically tell her not to expect anything from him. But she is so believing, she thought it was a joke and he would accept the person she is. He would never allow her to get close, or talk about her feelings. Soon enough, he found another girl and was bragging to her how perfect she was. Huh… She became the foolish princess.

Feeling stranded, she stumbled against the player. Good with words, good with women. He would just find a way to toy with a woman’s heart. But she is a princess, the next of kin to the throne. What would this mean to him anyway. But this princess knows, that he wouldn’t stay for long, and that he was just playing by the script. An interesting one though. But this playing claimed to be falling for her. But he’s a player, who would believe?

So the princess is still in the woods. The hazy, foggy woods. She stumbles and falls with blood in her hands, life kept expelling. Her love garden had gone from beautifully grown flowers to whitered gray garden full of thorns.
Her dress has now become that of gray and tears keep trickling down her cheeks. Would she ever become that bright princess again?
She slowly went down on her knees, screaming for she lost her ability to love. With her bloody hands she covered her face and wept for her life.
And now, when she meets another man, she keeps thinking, “How would this one be expelled?” And her heart would break before it does.


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