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12th September, 1989.

The morn was dawn, mum must have been in labour. Change of environment from a cozy mummy-loves-me to a harsh cold world. You cried and cried but everyone else was happy. A new pretty face has been born to the family! And mum was healthy, what a joy!

You grew up in a place where opportunity wasn’t a word, for they thought of only today. Friends were so-so, and you got involved with alcohol. Your life seemed withered, dry and sad. Vision wasn’t very known to you, all you wanted however was to be a great man.

Because of your company, fear was your friend. The very things you needed to study to be that great man scarred you. Well until you met her. You found love. And it was real, you could touch it, you could feel it. But your fears got in the way. And you let her go.

But meeting her made you see opportunities. You now knew things you didn’t. But you realized you were aging and responsibilities swooped in.

Alas! There is a grand opportunity! You had to travel. Traveling made you see a whole new world, a world that can make you create.

And your birthday is here. What would you wish for? You now have hope. Would you let fear win?
But of course not! If it did, you would have failed. Failed yourself and the roots you came out of.

It’s your birthday, make a wish. Then make a wish to make that wish become an everyday wish. If I were you, I would wish to be excellent. It isn’t enough to wish. You would have to work hard.

So what would the next episode of your life be like? Would it be colourful or grey? It’s up to you… Make a wish to bless 12th September, 1989.


1 thought on “12th September, 1989.”

  1. This is very great. This is knowing him inside out. Very powerful. Fears can never overcome him. He is able and sufficient in God’s glory. Aaawwww. So touch. Tears are flowing down ma cheeks

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