Feelings, Uncertainty

Fool’s Gold

From afar, its sparkled. It was everything I wanted. Whilst digging, the rays of it beauty became brighter and brighter. I just had to get my hands on it.

So I dug deeper and deeper. Oh the joy to have it! To think about what I could do with it…. I can show it off on my neck, or it could lie on my shelf. I could watch the joy of making riches out of it. Oh, I couldn’t wait!

But it shone brighter. Ugh! When would I get my hands on it. I am so in love right now. But as I dug, I just couldn’t get to it. Rather, I hit a hard rock and it seemed I wasn’t rich enough to purchase its digging machine. Sad?

My heart broke. Was it a true gold or was it a fool’s gold? I can never tell because, I couldn’t lay my hands on it. And I lost everything trying to get it.


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