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Tag of War

All those on this side, move here. And the rest of you go over there. Where is the rope? You hold here, and you hold the other. That’s the line…. 1, 2, 3! Now pull!!

Divorce is horrible! What is the use of the children? O, I know, let me use them to get all the properties… Let me get them to my side… They should be on my side because I make sense. They should be on my side because I provided for them. They should care more for me…

Dear divorcing husband and wife, we didn’t choose to be here, and you didn’t choose us to be here. Nevertheless, we are gifts to you. We love you both and we won’t let your mistakes choose sides. We don’t want that. Stop putting us in the middle! What the hell! It’s not our responsibility for your inactions and actions. Do not let us take the burden! We are definitely happy if you are happy. Do not make us take decisions that would kill us. That is not fair.

What did you expect us to do? Ok, here, take this leg, you take the head, divide our bodies… Is that what you want?

“You don’t care about me,” says dad, “is it because I remarried?” The hell is wrong with me when I do that? Isn’t it your life?
“You are supposed to send me money, I gave what I had to give to your sister, I am regretting.” Says mum. So because you decided to get divorced, my life has to be slow? I work 24hrs to get you the money you need and you still don’t see. What do you expect from me?

Why make it so hard for your children because you divorced?
It takes about 5years for a start up human being to breakthrough. Just let us develop like we need to. Don’t stunt our growth with your divorce.


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