Feelings, Love, Warmth

Hey Miss

We were friends. We still are. Oh, how can I have a life without your friendship?

You had travelled the world and happened to pass my way. What a joy!
It was like a dream, your hair moved like the wind.
As you slide it behind your ears, I had fallen in love.

So I took off the time to show you
Show you what a man is
All you thought impossible, with me it was.
So we travelled across the country
And by the time we were through, you were in my heart

Every moment must count
We went places, we had fun
Every moment with me did count
But it all ended way too soon

But oh, how cruel it was, this wasn’t your destination
And as I held your hand
And told you how I felt
I could feel your heartbreak
It was an Emotional State of Heart

So it was time to say good bye
It was too soon
We had a cute little kiss, that tasted like forever
You’re like a little treasure in my heart
Coated by a hard metal

I hope we meet again, this time it should be forever.
By the way, I would still be the man you knew


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