Feelings, My Thoughts, Poems, Uncertainty

It’s A Strange Place

Isn’t it a strange place we live?
The cock crows, we brew coffee,  we hate Mondays but still want to be a billionaire. Isn’t it strange?

We make society. We used to have a meaningful connection, where everyone cared for the other. But we wake now, and the first thing is a phone. No one cares anymore, children are blinded about how they fit in society. Isn’t it a strange place?

We all want love, oh, what a great feeling! But we have a weird idea of love. Sex is now love but at the same time doesn’t mean anything. One minute we are in love next minute, we want to kill each other… Isn’t that strange?

They say perspective and first hand experience help most in decision-making. But the rich who never tasted poverty are the ones who make all the decisions. The poor man’s perspective and experience is foolish when the decisions would directly affect him. Umm… so strange!

The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. The poor doesn’t deserve a break? The little they have is taken away by huge taxes. Gosh! What a strange thing.

At a big production company, production hands are the engine. But the managers overwork them and get all the credit. The engine isn’t cared for… Company, you should be ashamed! Although they deserve a win at the court, you win. It is a strange place we live!

A young man wakes up one day and decides to shoot children. What a strange place!

You do all the hard work, you try your utmost best. You do all, give your all. But it goes right down the drain like it’s nothing. It doesn’t work, and it pierced your heart. Yes, it’s a strange place!

He shows you signs. He hugged you, he kissed you, he got intimate with you. But doesn’t confirm anything. He got you involved until he cynically drops you in a deep dark whole. Why did he do that in the first place? It’s a real strange place.

You can’t take it anymore. You want a divorce. But he says, I love you and swears he isn’t cheating but marries another woman three days after you leave the house. It isn’t just a strange world, it’s also a foolish one.


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