Feelings, My Thoughts, Uncertainty

There, There Princess

Oh, how beautiful it is to be a child! Princess stories told, best days ahead. Adults thought you are a winner. And yes, you are.

I’ll marry a Prince; My Prince will rescue me; I’ll live in a Palace; I’ll have success; I’ll be the talk of the town; Oh what a beautiful life I’d have! You told yourself.

Life looked like a pretty good story until… Until you realized you weren’t told. Until you realized you didn’t know. Until you were just clueless about situations. What the hell should I do with this? How do I even handle this? No, it didn’t make sense, at all!

You did well in academics, oh, what a Princess… But then you changed schools too soon, and you couldn’t keep up. You started getting low, home felt weird, how could this happen? And you seem to never find that back… There, there Princess.

Then came love, it was dreamy, it was scary, it was like the wind. And just like the wind, you couldn’t get a hold of it. Your heart broke. There, there Princess. He thought he could get away with it, and he did because, you didn’t like to fight, didn’t make sense. For what’s worth, you’d make a great Queen!
But, you became bitter, no one understood your pain, no one could relate… You chuckled, you wept, your heart broke each day, then you swore to be a player. There, there Princess…
Seems you are not taken seriously. Wouldn’t it be great if he could just understand? Wouldn’t it be great if he understood you? Wouldn’t it be great if he could just love you for real? Wouldn’t it be great if he understood who you are? But he didn’t. And doesn’t seem to want to… There, there Princess!

You love to work, you love to create, you love to be resourceful. But you were taken for granted yet again. As royal as you are, you are taken for granted. You worked, and were not paid.
You worked, even in a different environment, but you were drained. Drained of energy and no time to develop yourself. You felt trapped. There, there Princess.

Nothing seemed to make sense. You felt drained. Love didn’t make sense. Work was weird. Life didn’t make sense either. You tried to explain, try to make close friends understand, but they couldn’t. How could they? It wasn’t their experience.
Now you felt like keeping to yourself, coiling in. Then it felt like, whenever you expressed yourself, you become naked, ashamed because no one can understand. There, there Princess…

But how does it feel? It feels like vulnerable, it feels like lost, it feels like helpless, it feels like give up, it feels like whatever, it feels like sad, it feels like heartbreak, it feels like heartache, it feels like hate, it feels like envy, it feels like burdenit feels like ugh!….
There, there Princess!

You’re still a Princess, you still love, you still have the tenacity, you still are resourceful, You’ll still make a great Queen! You don’t need to be bitter, you are the lovely Princess.


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