Feelings, Love, My Thoughts, Warmth

Two Seasons Change

If we were in Europe or America, it would’ve been “Four Seasons Change”. But we are in Africa, mainly Rainy Season or Dry/Harmattan Season. The weather can affect my mood, since I hate Harmattan, but I hope you’d understand. All I’m saying is, I want to spend all these seasons with you.

Since we know I hate Harmattan, we can know that my thought processes would be so annoying, I know, it’s annoying even for me. I hope you’d understand.

I decided months ago not to express my feelings towards a man. They ride on it. I didn’t understand why a female would use your face as her dp but a man won’t. After marriage, the woman uses your wedding pictures as her profile, the man won’t. It looks like only women are expressive. And it is unfair. But I don’t think I can keep up with my decision. Because, I already started writing about you. Don’t you feel stuffed when you don’t express yourself?

Anyway, I envision us dreaming together, making together, and building each other.
But I know you’re scared, I know you might not be certain. You might not even see how this would go. I am not saying I have complete trust that this can work, I am also scared, I am uncertain, and I don’t know how it would go. All I know is, I want to spend uncertain times with you.

I have had my share of negative thinking. And I am certain that, it a total waste of time, vision and possible positive outcomes. I know you know this as well. Events might have implied negatives about us, so that we don’t trust… All I know is, I definitely want to spend times with you, changing negatives into positives.

I find it beautiful when two people are committed to making each other better and committed to be with each other. I have found that what is more beautiful is that things always get better for these two. Thing is, love is a powerful thing. And combining with determination and support, it turns into fireworks. All I want to say is, I want to spend the seasons with you, loving, supporting and building.

There would be times you would just want to be alone, same for me. There’d be times I’d be totally unreasonable, same for you. There’d be times I would start unreasonable quarrels and definitely get on your nerves… I just want to spend every irritating times with you.

There will be times when I’ll be confused about everything. There’ll be times you’d want to run, because you’re unsure. There’ll be times you’ll not care. There’ll times we’ll not have time. There’ll be times you would want to give everything, anything up. There’ll be times we’ll make bad decisions. There’ll be times we’ll just not have any clue about anything. I really want to spend these seasons with you!

My heart would want you. My vision would include you. I am not good with fights because I get too hurt. But I would make mistakes. I would be angry. But I want to spend every single second with you.

It’s a two seasons affair. With all the seasons change including climate change and life’s turns… I do want to spend all that with you. Seriously.


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