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The Art Called Isaac

He is stressed with life. The events in life that he wanted were just incoming. He was beaten, he starved, he saved, he loved, he loved hard.
If I were him, I would be negative, I would feel left out. But he doesn’t. I would love to know why. I don’t believe him when he says it’s because he thinks it might have been worse. That feels like a too easy thought.

But how he got to be this lovely, I really don’t know. But he impressed me so much I felt exhausted. How can a man be so impressive?!

As I read his poems, I thought, “Umm… Did he experience all this?” Because as a man, we all know it’s hard to empathize. I asked him and he says, oh, I just write. I was just dumbstruck! It’s either he’s lying or he’s not. Finally! I met a guy who could empathize. It all felt like a beautiful orchestration I never wanted to leave. If you find an empathetic man, keep him,it’s rare. Men have been engrossed so much in the “ego” atmosphere that they just can’t feel what another is feeling if they haven’t gone through it. And sad thing is, even if they went through it, they just can’t be in your shoes. I guess it’s why I love Korean movies.

He said everything I never heard. He made poems I feel proud of. Boy, are all Isaacs like this?
All I can say is, he’s an art that makes my eyes smile, my lips curl upwards and my heart dance. I could look at you forever, I could feel this way for a long time. An art that beautified my day and shine rays of awesomeness on my mind. He almost felt like a knight to me, because not only did circumstances have their time of day with him, he was made strong because of it, and most importantly, made him a better person. Speaking to him feels like looking at Mona Lisa and wondering how art could last this long. Because I wonder all the time how he could last and become this strong…

I have met a lot of men, but you, Isaac, became an art I could behold forever. At this point, my words fail, because, truly, words can’t describe you. I have learnt a lot from you, and they are good lessons.
My Isaac, my art.


2 thoughts on “The Art Called Isaac”

  1. Hello Madam,
    Please let me of first of all recommend you for the good work you’re doing. Please keep up with your good work and I promise to help you make to make this blog a massive hit. Monetizing it is the way to go. Please leave that to me and let me move on to that art of yours.

    I had the privilege to sit with Isaac in the same class 7 years ago and one thing I love about him was the fact he was the lady’s man as neatness is something you can’t take away from him.

    I urged him to start his blog and those poems he was(is) channeling is something for the mature minds to understand.

    Isaac Danso to me an ‘elective chemistry’ not just an ‘art’.

  2. Oh, hey. Wow… I guess I am not the only one who sees that… And you got that right! His poems are for the mature minds, deep and dope.
    He is an elective chemistry? Let’s see how I can relate to that… Lol. Thanks for the compliment. Cheers.

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