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Hello Skies

You have been my favourite scene. When I look at you, I realize how beautiful life is. A clear blue sky with white clouds forming patches and populating into awesomeness.

But lately, I have missed every opportunity to look at you. Perhaps it’s because my life has been in turmoil lately. And it has been so hard. It’s been so hard, my head has been bowed for days -thinking, crying, mourning, confused, tired, exhausted, drained, broken, hurt and visionless.

Lately, my ethics were tried, my values didn’t make sense anymore. And I literally forgot everything. I couldn’t even remember things… It was weird and I became weird.

I threw my legs about, walking to my daily to do’s but I felt empty, rejected, not important, not worthy, I bowed my head whiles walking; I forgot I loved looking at the skies. I forgot you made me smile, I forgot you made me forget my worries.

Looking at you this morning, I thought, I have missed a lot of sceneries you wanted me to see. I am sorry. From now on, I would look at you when I feel sad, because you have some nice sceneries in store for me.


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