Feelings, My Thoughts


At least, at this stage of life I realized the erroneous equals I made that nearly took my life.

Life = Love : Finding someone you love means you have found life. What happens if you loose that someone?

Passion = Instant Money or a compensation of some kind : it was a bummer when I realized what I had passion for and working so hard for so long was never going to be paid off. No compensation of any kind.

Vision = Start Something : Ha! I am still starting that vision in my mind every morning. Also, if you have the necessary skill, work on it before taking a step, that’s a warning.

Family = Unlimited source of love and support : 😒 Don’t we all realize this is so wrong?

Love = Trust : I don’t think I should explain this.

Not Letting Go = Faith : don’t get me wrong. Don’t hold on if you can find another alternative to the same thing. Don’t stupidly hold on when your guts explains to you why you shouldn’t all the time. This is reality baby. Don’t stress yourself. 🙄

Waiting = things would eventually work out : Oh, and it does – if you keep working at it. Do not expect anything to work out eventually if you don’t work at it. Because, it would eventually work out ONLY IF YOU WOULD KEEP WORKING AT IT.

Parents love you even if you behave wrongly. Ummm… No! Some parents just pretend, or they just don’t want you to shame them.

I would know what I would do when I am old : 😂 I am confused all the time and most of the time, I have no idea what I am about. Like, my mind goes blank.

High paying jobs = satisfaction and always be on top of your game : Uuummm… No! You could have a high paying job that takes too much from you and wouldn’t satisfy you in any way.

When you have a pure heart towards someone, that person would replicate it back to you : why do you think there are divorces everywhere?

Knowing love means, you’ll never loose it : And by “knowing” I mean understanding it and knowing how to give it out. I am sorry but one bad love experience can format everything you ever learnt and cherished.

Being afraid = no faith : Hey, things happen, which is supposed to train you. You will be afraid, and it is scary thing for your heart to be afraid, but that doesn’t mean you don’t believe you can make it.

If he is romantic = he loves you : OMG! wake up already!!

I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.


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