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My hope. I thought it was a word until, I knew its worth. It made me believe that if I persisted, I would succeed. And it worked. Until I fell in love. Then this hope I held on to so hard, became a pain in the ass because, what I was holding on to had no future. I didn’t have faith in the weird relationship, but I hoped it would work.
And that’s the issue with hope. While you hope, you believe in your efforts, that it will produce your vision which you want so much to happen. But what do you do when you know you are headed for the fall. You know you are actually falling. What the hell is with hope?
But of course, hope is a real powerful things.🙌
My Hope is my most treasured asset. I have come to know it is one of those things I have to protect with my life! After being beaten to nothing because I place my hop in trust for someone, I nearly formatted my very life. Inwas ready to give up and not care. But isn’t it great to have someone bigger than you to trust and find hope to hope in Him?
Luckily, I found that someone, Jesus. After all said and done, I finally treasured my most treasured asset in Him. My hope is so precious to me now and now I say this with no apology, HOPE=LIFE. Oh, I’ll say this all over again if you allow me.
I was ready to give up on my life until I found it back.


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