Feelings, My Thoughts, Uncertainty


Believe. I think of this picture when I come across this word:  A world where whatever you hoped for happens, well, exactly how you hoped it would be. Right?

Well, until that picture was totally blurred into grey – by the biggest game we all have to partake in, LIFE.
So, it seemed to me like Believe always walks with HOPE. Especially when you want it to happen so badly. Sadly, sometime, we miss how the games should go. And it’s so sad when we don’t know it’s a game. 😦

Believe. I wished so much that he’d stay, he’d finally see me, I’d get a great job, I’d build an empire… Oh! I believed and hoped.
But none of these didn’t happen when I wanted it to.

I had missed something I guess… But what is it? It doesn’t make sense to me because, I know I hadn’t anything. Well, not that I know of.
But well, to hell with believing… I guess I am being brainwashed and I can’t help it. I am too exhausted. But maybe, just maybe, I would get to believe again. And it would happen exactly how I had wanted it to.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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