Feelings, My Thoughts, Poems, Uncertainty


I seem to be in this mode a lot. I am not sure what to feel. So I go ahead and don’t feel. I wrote this non-rhyming poem to God, an expression of what I might be “feeling”.

Behold! The Lamb of God!
Whom it pleased
To take away my sin!
Humbly came into this world of sin
And then cloth me in His love

Sent me out upon the waters
And made His grace abound
Spirit that lead me where
My trust is without borders

Take me deeper than
My feet would ever wonder
I’ll keep my eyes above the waves
For I am Yours
And You are mine

Your touch, your kiss, your grace
I fest your embrace
O! Loving King of Glory
Which shines

O see how He adorns me with His Glory
Pleased to engrave on my heart His Name
Pleased that I become one with Him
Pleasedto love me through and through

This was supposed to repeat to me how much I am not helpless in my situation. I am sure, I’d “feel” helped soon enough.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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