I am NOT ok!

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I have repeatedly said to myself, you’re ok. Well, it’s because, I really am. I felt more like I didn’t care than hurt. I had grown so tired and exhausted. Too exhausted to move on. Too exhausted to think. Too exhausted to cry, too exhausted to understand how I am feeling.


And then few months after, I thought I should move on. Yaayyy… That sounds great! I tried to get up, I am still exhausted. Too exhausted to imagine. Too exhausted to have a vision.


Then, I realize, not feeling ok isn’t only associated with feeling hurt and crying, but exhaustion is part. I am so drained!
And I am so not ok. I am really thinking I would not be ok in a long time. So I really want to shut everyone out until I figure things out.
I am so exhausted, so drained, so not ok.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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