I started to read a Zig Ziglar book, See you at the Top, since like March this year. Yea, I know, I’ve been lazy. It’s a great book! When you get the time, please read up.

Anyway, I go to this episode of the book, where Ziglar wrote about mental attitude. This particular topic scared me as I made a profound analysis. He was talking about how some Americans betrayed their own country and stayed in North Korea, North Korea!! At the mention of that country, I was terrified, although there might be sonder…

What they did to these Americans was to pump lies upon lies about who they are as individuals and they’re countries 24hrs a day, by therapists, UNTIL THEY WERE EXHAUSTED PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY!! Being soo exhausted in these areas can make you accept anything!! You become so vulnerable, you’ll actually believe a lie and make it your way of life!!

Can you see what I am seeing? I mean, I thought brainwashing waa just as what I described above, so I usually resisted some schools of thoughts in an agument, but it’s waaaay deeper than that!

Do you realize that in life due to tests of life and circumstances you cane physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted? This is not like a professional you can seeing frustrating you, this is just life!! In that state, you are so vulnerable and you would accept any claim by anyone concerning you situation which may be a lie!!

So I think this generation has been brainwashed of love, so that we think love isn’t real because we have been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually too exhausted by wrong people!! Even the right people…

But I believe there is hope! Ziglar pointed out that, some people however stayed intact even after the brainwashing sessions, and it was those who believed strongly in God to keep them through. Because, we all know how feeble we become in some life sessions, it is onky wise that you can lean on a higher power for strength which exist!

Think about it, I know you have been brainwashed, just like me, about some issues of life and I know the first is love. Fix it. You are waaaaay better than those lies.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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