Ebola, that word is scary even. I don’t even want to think about it. It’s so scary now, we don’t pass pleasantaries anymore. It’s kind of a curse. Thank God it’s not in Ghana.

A friend of mine went for her National Service (this is compulsory for every citizen of Ghana and Nigeria, I don’t know about the rest, after completing school, mostly tetiary, for a year as a serive to your country for taking care of you) and completed about a month ago. For Nigeria, you need to be camped and then trained as Millitary for like a month and then continue in post as a teacher or whatever in a company. Her experience was terrible as Rebels (Bukuharam) had taken over Lagos. All popular places of the town had been marked a no-go area, which means, don’t go anywhere anymore. A bus she had ride on d previous day had beeb bombed, the building beside her banking place had been bombed the day after she attended the premises…

Only for the operations of the Rebels to be halted because of Ebola scare. I mean… Yaaayyy!!! Go Ebola! And here I am thinking it’s a scare. Well, it is… But wouldn’t you agree that it should have come a little before they took those 200 girls? Those girls could’ve been saved! Don’t you agree?

The picture in this article is from Ghana. We like roasted maize, plantain, yam, meat, etc. Before Ebola, you could touch any to take your preference but now, you can’t, so, you’d end up not enjoying what you buy. Ebola is a threat to freedom of food. Hahaaa…
Just letting you know what is actually going on in West Africa…

You know you love me. XoXo.



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