O, that word. I only thought of when you are beaten for nothing and you made to work too much as a kid for nothing. That’s what came to mind when I heard that word.

But after reading a document by Plan International, I realized how little I know about abuse.

Most of us, especially Ghanaians do not know or understand this.

Parents curse at their children thinking that, that would make the child “repent”. People in relationships would insult each other. Deliberately put themselves through emotional and mental trauma. What the heck is that? Stop abusing each other! That isn’t normal!! And that is not “teaching a lesson”. Now that you see this, does it make sense to you?

High school seniors ask juniors to kneel down for nothing, for long hours. That’s abuse. Causing pain for nothing. Ok, is that normal? You should be ashamed of yourself if you did that.

Abuse isn’t just sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, but also mental abuse, emotional abuse, bully and discrimination.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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