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The Monday borns

Funny enough, I have dated more Monday borns than any other days. In Ghana, day borns are very important because, we can averagely tell what sort of person you are. In Ghana, in the Akan clan, a Monday born who is a female is called Adwoa (pronounced Adzoa), and and male is Kwadwo or Kojo.

Well, I dated the guys, obviously. They are really ambitious, actually, too ambitious. I think that’s what makes me get attracted to them. They are kinda focused and have some sort of “the woman” in their minds.
When it comes to love, they have no clue, what it is, how to handle it, how to handle a woman.
I mean, their man-ness may cloud their judgement and hence, loose the woman they could have made it with.

Their ambitions drive them to have a plan. But they trust their plans so much, their don’t see other opportunities – love. πŸ˜‰ that’s all this article is about anyway. They make plans and do not plan for love so, love is their greatest set back. They feel its a failure if love or anything else that isn’t in line with thejr plan gets across. Such a shame.

Because they are so concerned with their ambitions, they have no idea what emotions are about because, the deal with what they see. So to them;
– Emotions are bad. If you are the source of the emotion, you gotta go. They won’t really care about the emotional and mental abuse they give you. More so, they don’t even know they are abusing you that much. They just want you off.

– There is no time for emotions. So there is no time for girls if they are not in the plan.

– They are quiet firm: If they don’t want you, they don’t, although they’d like to play with you. And that’s all, play with you. No allowances for positive possibilities.

This is quiet some observations I’ve made. I mean, all men could behave this way, but for Monday borns, they’re intense. Really intense.

Lovely thing, through dating/getting to know them, I have learnt a bit about Thursday borns, of which I am…
So for a male who wants me, needs to ace who I am. πŸ˜‰

You know you love me. XoXo.



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