Life Lesson #2

I know I talked about love and heartbreaks in Life Lesson #1, but I can’t help it… There was so much to learn about Love and Heartbreaks. And I can only write about what I remember at a time.
So, Love!

What comes to mind when someone says the “Love” word is, two people falling in love/lust… Lol. But Love is deeper and wider than that!
I’ve discovered that love can be towards a subject, inanimate things, people you’d never really see physically or know, ideas, race… I mean, you can love these things as though you fell in love with Mr. Perfect. So, I realized I fell in love with my laptop, Petrology, researching, google, whatsapp, Lee Minho (I know it’s ridiculous, but I looove him!), my Bible, God… Except myself (we’ll talk about that later). Loving these things made me get to know them more, especially with Petrology. I fell in love with it and that was when I begun to excel in that subject.
So, to succeed in something – your business, job, course, know God – you must definitely fall in love with it. Find something nice about them and fall in love. You’d be surprised how much you’d excel.

Heartbreak!! O, heartbreak… What comes to mind when the “Heartbreak” word is said, is when two people have to disengage their love relationship. But heartbreak is wider that that.
Humans are funny… You know when you get angry because someone you never know or would never know says something stupid about you, or something/someone you love… Yeeaaa… Did you really have to be annoyed with such a person? It’s total ignorance! And I tell you, someone’s total ignorance can break your heart. Seriously…
Not being paid at your workplace can break your heart, not passing your exam can break your heart, not winning the award can break your heart.
Seriously, too many things can break your heart! And I’ve had my share of that. But at least, I wish I had known that things like these can break my heart so I can prepare for it. Not preparing can really slow you down and demoralize you sometimes.

You know you love me. XoXo.



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