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My Favorite Playlist

๐Ÿ™‚ I smiled at the thought of listening to my favorite playlist. I took my earpiece to insert into the port on my phone. I started to play my favorite playlist.

List of love songs by different artistes. They spook words that tickles my soul and warms my heart. Oh… I wished I had that love. But instead, I had one love life that was ripping me apart and insisting that I might be unloveable or no one has the ability to love me.

But I shake my head as if to shake that thought off in other to drift off to my dream place. Imagining that I would have this kind of love these artistes sing about.

Then life plays another trick. I didn’t know if I should be skeptical… But this guy shows up. And he is like my favorite playlist. Instead of tickling my soul and warming my heart, he warms my soul and kiss my heart. Oh! I don’t know… But it feels too good to let go. It’s as if I had finally made a journey to my dream land.

But if this is another trick by life, that’s ok. Because, I always wondered what it would feel like in reality… And it feels good! Too good!

I hope it lasts a lifetime. But is it ok to hope that? I am concerned for my poor heart and my weary eyes. I don’t want my heart broken or my eyes teary.

But hopefully, my favourite playlist would keep playing in my ears and in my real life.


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