My Thoughts

Some Hard Truths

O well, true. Truth hurts. But why is it so? I always wonder. Why have I (or we) been tuned to get so uncomfortable with the truth. As I walked through the day, I realized some truths that would tear people up. But knowing the truth, which is usually a problem, that problem is half-solved right? Like:

1. A guy says, “I am not ready to date you know, but I do like you…” No, he would never ask you out. Moreover, it is highly likely that he is embarrassed of you. He can’t boast about you to his friends or family. So he hides you.

2. Most likely, you are best alone than with someone you most want, who doesn’t want you back.

3. There is such thing as LOVE, AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And this love demands, a lot. And, IT IS ADDICTIVE. And there is nothing wrong with that.

4. In loving, you must be willing to go all out. And that is one of the demands of love. If you cannot go all out, Then it is not love. Perhaps, you do not understand what love is.

5. There is such thing as Satan and God. And you know it deep deep down. Denying this is up to you. And you know how much you suffer because you don’t want to believe this.

6. There are principles of this world. And God and no one would break these principles. You want to get a lot, give. And that’s that. No matter how had you try. Learn about these principles and you’d have a play day, every day.

7. Being negative makes you look ugly. Ugly at everything. Being positive makes you beautiful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. That has nothing to do with being negative.

8. Marriage wasn’t designed to be bad. We make it bad. If only we would realize that the other person is human just like you and that you are both on the same side. I mean, that’s why you married, right?

9. Being gay isn’t natural. It is all in the mind. And you know it. The problem is with generalization. Not all men have strong bodies. Not all women are hairless facially or with character. The fact that you have a hard body and have a lot facial hair as a woman doesn’t make you gay. Stop thinking you are gay. Walking like a female or liking things girls like doesn’t make you gay. You may have had a role model who is a female, that’s all. Stop thinking you’re gay! You aren’t. And you are as normal as anyone. Only, being gay isn’t natural. If you are too offended by this right now, chances are, you know this is the truth. No one is born gay, EVER!

10. You are responsible for everything that happens to you and how you respond to them. That is the power of your thoughts. Your thoughts created everything you see.

11. Being pure in heart means seeing good in every situation. Being able to turn things around in a positive way, is being pure in heart.

12. In marriages, your spouse can NEVER feel the void in your heart. Only God will. Your spouse just add spice to your life. Stop expecting too much from your spouse. He/she can do as little as you can.

13. Your children are never like you. Stop thinking they should think like you or know what you are thinking. They are individuals with entirely different specs and attitudes, you cannot define a path for them. You might be killing billions because of this. You can only teach them values.

14. Family is too important to crush them with divorce. Don’t just take things for granted when planning the marriage. If you know there is going to be a problem, don’t go in.

15. Other people you might not know, depend on you. Stop screwing up all the time. You are killing someone  somewhere, literally.

16. Whether you like it or not, you are a b**ch to someone. Be a bit considerate with others.

17. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean stop being yourself. That’s how people would really love you.

18. Anyone is as human as you are. Yes, even murderers and serial killers. Yes!

19. People are the top would always be at the top provided they do the right things to stay at the top, which is, follow the principles.

20. Poverty is in the mind. Oh, yes. Even people who have physical cash, can be very poor.

Enough said. These are the hard truths I can think about. And boy, they make me feel really uncomfortable. Don’t they?

Well, End of Chapter One. You know you love me. xoxo


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