My Thoughts


Ok, so when someone says “Investment” what comes to mind is spending money on a goal, a business, or a thing. But I recently realized that, actually, that isn’t true. Well, maybe, that doesn’t define a “Good Investment”.
I think a “Good Investment”, for that matter, an “Investment”, is developing a human being to achieve his full potential.
What if you put money in a business and it fails? The problem was with the “human” you gave the money to. Not the business. It is how the HUMAN managed the business, not the business. So you were actually, investing in the business, right?
Ok, so Ghana, has this backwards. And doesn’t know the worth of developing her people, giving priority to the comfort and proper management of resources for her people. Maybe Africa as a whole.
If you keep on making curricula that teach and educate your young ones ignorance… Well… I guess you’re stupid. You won’t have a developing country, and increasing taxes makes you more stupid-er. Lol… Truth said.
As a country, your precious economy, technology, advancement, development, happiness, innovation, integrity, community, IS THE HUMAN!!


I guess, one of the problem is early gratification. Well, for a good investment, profit rate is always low. A bad one would promise you 100%.
So, there we have it. Looking for a 100% profit interest is even more stupid-est. Investing in humans would yet profit rate that is low, and compounds in ten years and even greater yields as the years go by.
Leaders of country Ghana, let’s develop our humans, invest in our humans, wait for ten years, and enjoy the fruit of your labor! We are worth it! And we are not animals or computers. We can succeed if you believe in us enough to invest in us.

Ok, bye.


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