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A Letter to my Husband

Dear Husband,

You might have done your very best to have me as your wife. And I am priveleged to have you as a husband, because, actually, no one would fight for me as you did. I am honoured.
But you would have to understand something, you might have hurt me and vice versa, but, wouldn’t it be great if we practiced unconditional love? Tit for tat is just too karma-ly. And karma would strike our marriage. I want this marriage to last.
Secondly, I understand males are have their first love to be their ego, and you must understand that I have no idea what your ego is all about. So I would trip over it, not once, and I hope you’d understand. More importantly, females also have their first love to be pride. It’ll be nice if you also acknowledge that and hold it in high esteem as I would also hold you ego in high esteem. It is only a fair trade, don’t you agree?
Thirdly, although we are married, we also have responsibility to the world. So I wouldn’t do my chores regularly and I know you wouldn’t also do your chores regularly. But when I am home, I’d be sure to crown my king. And I ask that you crown me queen when you are home. Right?
We have come a long way, we can’t loose it now, although we are only starting. It is not only about us, but about our faith, our children, about our destiny and most importantly about God. We should never loose sight of that.
My husband, I am actually eager to submit to you. You already know a bit about me. But, I would also love that you love me and be reasonable, also listen to my point of view, and also see my point of view. It is only fair, right?
You might have no idea how much I root for you and love you, so you must curb my trust and hold it as gold. Allow me to love you and let me know how you feel. I want to know every bit of it. So please let’s not suffocate our relationship by not communicating. I might not be pleasant in some talking issues but be certain that I still want to hear it.
Be fair to me and yourself. And please be mindful of what you do. Although I want you to act as normal as possible because, calculated relationship is BoRiNg!!!
So be real, be sweet, look like love to me. And God would help me be all that you want, my honey.
I would like to add that, love me for my attributes, values and way of thinking. Not my appearance because, everyone is unique and science has made too much generalizations, which has distorted the view.
Thanks for listening and taking into consideration. I believe in our marriage and I know we can work it out. I can’t wait to celebrate our 60years of marriage.

Your Love,

By the way, I am not married yet. Lol.


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