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Baby steps

Huuuhhhh…. Just a few minutes ago, I realized I was doing exact opposite to what I wanted to do. In the beginning of this year, I planned to use all the days of the year exercise, yeah weeell, I didn’t. Then I decided to not love the greatest guy anymore, and no, I didn’t. I also, I decided I shouldn’t eat one of the fattening dishes in Ghana, fufu, and maybe banku, and oh my God, I jumped unto fufu like I was crazy! And no! I don’t fancy fufu! Actually, the fact that I don’t fancy fufu is what got me thinking.
Why do I do what I don’t want to do?
So I started to search the net, do some thinking.
The first blog I read showed me something about why I did what I don’t what to do.
Is this:
1. I thought it was impossible to look that skinny in a year. Plus, doing one hour exercise is too small for me to loose all that fat. I also thought there are no more greater guys compared to this guy. But I knew he’d never ask me out. Sad right? And then, the thought of not being able to eat fufu or banku again, scaaaared me. I like to think I can eat anything…
2. The thought that the one hour exercise is too small and the thought that I’d have bodily pains would slow my work down.
3. The fear of failure. That if this one hour won’t help, I would now prove to myself that I would never loose the fat, he’d never love me and no one else would, and I’d miss my any food goes time.
But truly, its only these baby steps that cumulate to be a big success. I mean, I didn’t eat all the 5kg of food at a goal, right? So I’d have to loose it little by little.
So, I just need to train my mind that anything is possible and the little things do count and that I deserve good health and the bitter things that would me healthy right?
I’ll get to it and show you my progress.


2 thoughts on “Baby steps”

  1. Is good. Have gone true all ur messages and hv really enjoyed reading it. Well done. May God continue to increase u in wisdom and understanding to do greater and mighty things. I believe in ur success. God work. Expecting greater works.

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