The comeback

O boy. Here we go again with the drama. This time, I think I’ve had enough drama.
So I had a first bf. And he was chrif like me. But just a dumb one, I’m sorry. Left me because a man of God told him I actually seduced him. Yea, well, whatever.
Now, he wants to come back. What am I? A tree? What is he thinking? That I’d just be there, still hoping and loving him to come back?
What I don’t get is the fact that he thinks I should just follow him, just because he “hears more from God” or has “a lot of links now” or has “added more value to himself” by learning to drive? I don’t see the last one. He’s very immature and doesn’t know how to control his emotions.
When I told him I didn’t love him and cannot be intimate with him, he asked me not to call him again. Like I was calling him. He asked me if I loved him as a Christian brother and I said no, he told me I am on my way to hell. In fact, he saw me going there.
Wtf? Who says that? Geeez! Then I told him he knows nothing about me, so he shouldn’t get ahead of himself. I really don’t want another episode of such drama.
I am really tired of males treating me like a piece of furniture they can use anyhow and then not try much to get me back, if there are sincere.
Such nonsense.


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