A Girl

A girl, a girl, a girl.. I know a lot of you guys try to understand the word, much more the specie…

Girls are from mars… And this is not supposed to be offensive. We are raised up in such a different and opposite manner that, we end up not finding some common grounds sometimes.

Why do girls over think? Implication upon implications! blowing things out of proportion or being so accurate due to intuition.

A girl’s intuition, something I have not understood, stands to be the world most incredible thing! We just know, and we cannot show it or understand it at the moment. Men usually do not get that. I guess that is one of our gifts.

A girl’s ability to love, something still baffling! If she loved you in your pennyless state, trust me, she reeeally loves you! and if such a person walks away, she walks away. To get her back, hmm, you need to try harder than before, don’t think for the fact that she loved you means she would give in easily.

A girl is still a human being, naturally, she wants to be free and independent somehow. If a girl depends on you chronically, she is depending on others too, although this is not always the case. Basically, we want to hold on but be free enough to pursue what other things we were made for.

A girl, even I, haven’t discovered yet, such a creature, tremendously made, awesome to look at, and fearless when confident… No despair, I’d update you from time to time.


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