Money and Currency

For twenty-two years of my life, I always thought the Ghana Cedis I always rejoice over having, was just a piece of paper, nothing more. I didn’t know that, that paper I had was what is called currency – a piece of cheque – with a promise to pay me the real money, Gold or silver. Funny right?

The piece of cheque was made to keep gold at one place for either safety, or for some smarty pants to take it all, explaining that the gold should be safe.

And I bet that even the Minister of Finance may not know this – that real money is gold and silver not the Ghana cedi note or the dollar. What a total fiasco!

I bet that the millions of ghana cedi notes have no backing of gold in the Ghana gold deposit which by the way, should be in Ghana but not in another country.

Funny enough, Ghana being a part of the richest countries in gold export ALL their gold through selling!! This is a total threat to our economy. The economy of Ghana is not dependent on the dollar, it is dependent on the amount of gold and silver we have. I am desperately sad for Ghana!

To understand better what I’ve written here, click here for more info.


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