As she pressed “Send” to send her message to her father, she knew her father would misunderstand and make the whole issue about her mum. She just wanted closure, maybe, she even wanted more — to be close to her dad and be known by her dad.

Meanwhile, dad cherishes education. But it is said that for a child to be whole, she needs physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development and attention. Providing just the cognitive portion to his child, he doesn’t realise, is not enough. But how would she let him see that without making it about hurting him and making it about mum?

Failing to see this, he asks her to leave him alone in peace before his time comes for him to die. *Chuckle* Woo… has it got to that? Well, there is too much tension in the family any way. And it would surely end up in pretense in other to hold things up and make it look good.

For a child, the most important thing is to know that her father approves of her and knows her. A father who is able to take things that is spike-y and not be judgemental. For this child, it is never going to happen.

This is the time, she needs to walk away. Because, trying to make it better makes it worse anyway. And oh!, it hurts. It’s like being disowned without words being spoken.

This is all very complicated. She still wonders whether it’s worth it to marry if married couples behave this way.


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