Just like Asa, I also have questions.

1. How is it that a woman stays by a man in marriage and can never gain respect?

2. Why does love grow cold?

3. Does love even exist?

4. Is there a thing called “Endless Love”?

5. Why do we have to grow fondness with someone?

6. Why do we have to be stupid to be wise?

7. Why do we have to go through the “Educational System” if nothing we learn guarantee our success?

8. Why are leaders corrupt?

9. Why are we so afraid of the unknown?

10. Why does a piece of paper have to rule our world?

11. They say 3rd fool is the fool. Why do we have to be foolish the 100th time?

12. Why are females so intuitive?

13. How is it so hard to unlearn attachment to someone? 

14. Why do we get angry at someone else’s foolishness?

15. Why is there marriage if partners have to get hurt all the time?

16. What is the point if you are happy or not?

17. Why do we have to believe things we know aren’t true?

18. Why does the heart get involved in a relationship?

19. Why is balance so important when nature looks so haphazard?

20. Why do children learn from the behaviour of those closest than their words?


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