Like Seriously?

In August, 2010 I entered the University of Ghana, into Mensah Sarbah Hall. Before coming, the university website stated we would pay GHȻ20 for JCR dues. But we get to campus and they say GHȻ30??

Then SRC people also take their part and other useless big Lacoste, from the hall and I spend GHȻ100 and over??

I opted for Physical Science and I had to take the course, Math 113 – Vectors. I thought it was just about finding the resultant of two lines moving in different directions. But I go to class and I don’t understand a thing?? Then we had to deal with vector equations for circles, ellipsoids and hyperbolas??

To add to this, Monday morning I had this Math 113, 7.30 am at Great Hall!! For two hours after which I had another Math 111, at JQB???

In level 300 we went for a field trip, and we were asked to take readings for strike. Someone took it and said it was 116°. Then we are told that was wrong?? And that we are in the northern hemisphere and so the strike is in NW or NE?? How do I get a strike of 116° in the NW or NE part of the compass??

Somehow, I managed through with all these uncalled for situations. I get to Level 400 and then I had to take a course, EASC 440 – Communication and Entrepreneurship in Earth Science, which was a year course. First semester, we had to submit a business Plan??? I barely knew anything in Business!! Second semester, after writing all the field reports we could write from level 200, we were now being thought how to write a scientific report??? Wait, LIKE SERIOUSLY???

In second semester, I met a guy. This guy said he likes me, ok fine. Let us get to know each other and see if I can get to like you. After a week, this guy says he would kill himself and say it is me if I don’t agree to his proposal… What???

Luckily, I didn’t do UGRC (University of Ghana Required Courses), a course for level 100s where BA students do some science and BSc students do some art courses. Now, for a science student, it could be easy. But for an arts student??? Some obviously opted for an Earth Science course, which is absurd because even science students don’t know what the course is about before they come to school. If I was asked a question like how coal is formed?? What? This is what would come into mind if I were a BA student:

  1. Cut your tree and bury it in a dug hole.
  2. Cover the tree with sand and burning material.
  3. You then burn it till the next day.
  4. You then remove the sand and clean the burnt tree and coal is made.

There you go!

Interestingly, hydrology was added to this course. What?? If you ask me what an acquiclude is?? Huh?? Well, I have a point to prove so: this is defined as an impermeable unit which does not respect water at all. Mehnn… I nailed it!!

All these things are kind of confusing. But wait till you hear these ones, I went for a church service and I saw two men wearing sunglasses?? I mean no matter how I look at it….

Sitting in a Kasoa bus could be very interesting, but this one was really annoying. I just wanted to read and listen to my cool music until a man wanted to preach right in front of me. Excuse me, I’m Christian but we are bounded by time. I continued to read then he interrupted me and wanted me to read the Bible for him?? Then when I started reading, he repeated after me very loudly??? What???


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