I decided to make a blogging site so I can express myself better and share with you a lot of things and a possible way of thinking about things that could help.

I am a total cra-cra for God. I mean, I love God and I love His love. It’s just too awesome. He showed me a bit about how His love looks like and I think that, as human, it’s waaaay over the bar. His love knows no boundaries. 🙂 And I am serious about that. I can’t think of a boundary, and no one has been able to either.

I am a multi-purposed lady. You’ll find a lot of my post so diverse! Oh! And I love to write non-rhyming poems. Hahaa.. I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Welcome to me!! Feel free to criticize what I post, constructively though… 😉



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Well done. Keep it up. Have gone true most of ur article nd is interesting. I pay for divine wisdom,understanding nd more knowledge for u.May u be a blessing to this generations. God bless u

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